Plastic Products,

PET preforms.

The success of the use of PET preforms for packaging is in its efficiency. A low flow of material is required for packing goods. From the experience of the packaging industry, corrugated containers segments, paper and cardboard packages, and polymer film packages are the most capacious. The market segment of flexible plastic packaging and PET preforms is the most rapidly developed today. Currently, plastic packaging production and sales industry is developed owing to reducing import volumes and increasing the output of domestic companies. Polymeric products manufacturing process has its own special characteristics considering the fact that manufacturers of plastic products meet the specific needs of consumer companies that want to have their final product (food, cosmetics, household products) quite unique in terms of design and shape of the packaging. As mentioned above, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging is a real leader among various types of packages in the development rate and meeting potential demands. Bottles made of this polymer were first created in 1977 for carbonated beverages by experts of the American Du Pont Company. Now worldwide vegetable oil, carbonated and still drinking water, beer, alcoholic cocktails, milk products are filled to bottles of 0.2 to 5.6 liters volume. Many people believe that PET packaging is the best option in future: it is light (5-liter bottle weighs 95 grams), strong (full bottle does not break if dropped from a height of over a meter and can withstand a static vertical load not less than 60 kg), and it can be completely disposed. Moreover these containers and bottles are chemically inert, do not emit any volatile compounds, it meant that they are ecologically safe. And most important thing is that the production of PET containers is much cheaper than the production of bottles and aluminum cans. Equipment for the production of plastic packaging is relatively cheap, and a small amount of investments is demanded to set up production. The profitability of PET production is approximately 100%. Advantages of PET bottles against glass bottles include:

strength (a filled PET bottle does not break when dropped from a height of more than one and a half meters, and it can withstand a static vertical load not less than 60 kg); low density (1.5 liter bottle weighs only 42 grams); attractive appearance, transparency; ease of thermoplastic molding; ecological purity (chemical inertness, non-volatility, it does not emit toxic substances, it may be almost completely disposed of or recycled to new packages)

Volumes of PET preforms

Preform 20 гр.
Preform 27 гр.
Preform 28 гр.
Preform 31 гр.
Preform 35 гр.
Preform 37 гр.
Preform 39 гр.

Single-component caps.

Modern technology is gradually changing our forming for many years and even centuries ideas about beverages packaging. In place of traditional glass today people started to use inexpensive in manufacturing, easy and functional plastic packages, which have to be sealed and closed in special way as well. Of course, in today’s market the caps for products packaging are of extremely high demand. Caps are fixed to bottle neck using a screw thread. Advantages of plastic caps include possibility to open/close packages many times and bottles tightness. These advantages have been used primarily in the food industry related to the manufacture of liquid products.

Single-component caps have the following characteristics:
– they can be opened and closed without any effort;
– they are easily fixed onto the neck at the first closing of bottles;
– they prevent the output of carbon dioxide;
– they remain tightly sealed after first opening and subsequent closing of the package, thereby eliminating the possibility of leakage;
– they ensure the preservation of flavoring properties of a closed beverage.
Our single-component caps for products packaging, which meet the required regulations and standards, are made of food grade plastic by the modern automated equipment. Plastic used for production of plastic bottles caps is absolutely non-toxic, environmentally friendly and can be used in food production.

Pharmaceutical bottles.

– Bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

– On customer’s request we make bottles of any volume.

– Bottles have a threaded neck and tamper-evident caps sealing bottles tightly.

– Standard color in design: transparent, brown, white.

– In the medical industry PET packaging can be widely used primarily for packaging, transportation and storage of vitamins and biologically active additives (BAA), syrups and alcohol tinctures.

– Attractive properties of PET containers include good optical properties of the material, allowing to produce goods similar in appearance to a glass container, both colorless and colored.

– PET bottles are produced of-
10 ml. 40 ml. 90 ml.
20 ml. 50 ml. 100 ml.
25 ml. 70 ml.

Polyethylene film.

Polyethylene film is used for manual and automated packaging of food, technical, chemical and other products. It has excellent safety and strength characteristics.
Advantages of the shrink film against other types of packaging materials include strength, transparency, flexibility, moisture and gas barrier property, light weight, high degree of product protection from adverse environmental factors (dust, moisture, dirt), products protection against unauthorized intrusion (tamper protection).
The film is produced by “Macchi Group” (Italy) equipment
Capacity – 1500 ton / year.
Greenhouse Film
Width: 0.80 – 3.5 m.
Thickness: at customer’s request
Shrink Film
Width: 0.33m, 0.36 m, 0.38 m, 0.4 m – 1 m. Thickness: from 10, 75, 80, 90 – 150 microns.