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Today “Navruz” company is one of the largest producers of soft drinks in Uzbekistan. Long-term relationships with partners, well-deserved reputation, high-quality production, logistics and distribution make a great contribution into company’s success.
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History of formation.

“Navruz International Corp.” Joint Uzbek – American Co. Ltd. was founded in March 2003. The company started its business from the production of bottled water “Aqua”, which was one of four bottled water brands on the market of Uzbekistan.

Then in 2009 – 2010 years the company kick started and launched the production of “Ice” branded bottled tea, “Ekzo” juice-containing drink and “Montella” bottled water.

In 2013 sweet carbonated fruit drinks named “Frutto” came into the market.

In 2014 fermented-bread kvass (Hlebniy Kvas) appeared on market shelves.

In 2015, after the technical modernization of the production line, “18+” energy drink and “RG Colla” heavily carbonated beverage in tin cans appeared in “Navruz” product range. In the same year “Ice” branded bottled tea that has already taken the leading position in the market of Uzbekistan appeared in markets in tin cans.

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  • Water treatment.
    The process starts with a multi-stage water filtration. The system of filtration equipment is produced by “Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH” European manufacturer, Germany, which is the leader in the field of industrial water treatment equipment in the world market today. The entire process is automated. The level of quality and hygiene meets international standards and safety regulations. Today, the largest beverage manufacturers in the world are using only water treatment system produced by “Chriwa”, Germany.
  • Laboratory
    After the water treatment process, water is sampled for analysis in the laboratory, where the ratio of minerals and other components contained in the water is assessed. After analysis and assessment of water quality conformity to international standards the process of mixing the beverage food concentrates begins according to the recipe.
  • Recipe
    The mixing process is automated and controlled by computer. This fact can ensure a high accuracy of dosing and compliance with the recipe. “Navruz” company purchases concentrates for non-alcoholic beverages in Germany, from one of the best manufacturers of special additives for food industry and beverages production – “WILD” company.