Our brands.

History of formation.

“Navruz International Corp.” Joint Uzbek – American Co. Ltd. was founded in March 2003. The company started its business from the production of bottled water “Aqua”, which was one of four bottled water brands on the market of Uzbekistan.

About company.

Navruz is one of the largest manufacturers


The process starts with a multi-stage water filtration.


  • 26 ha
    production area.
  • 15 Trade marks.
  • 5 Factories
  • 96% Distribution Scope.

the main activity
of our holding


Concentrates for «Navruz» non-alcoholic beverages are produced in Germany, by one of the best manufacturers of special additives for food industry and beverages production - WILD Flavors company. For more than 85 years WILD Flavors company has been provided the world market with natural ingredients of the highest quality.


Equipment. Technical equipment of «Navruz» Company today includes «Husky» injection machine produced in Canada, «Chriwa» water treatment system produced in Germany, «Krones» filling line produced in Germany, «Comac» filling line produced in Italy, «KHS» bottling line produced in Germany and «SIPA» filling line produced in Italy.

Navruz International Corp.

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